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Info about Animal Shelters in Albert, Kansas, KS

There are 5 Animal Shelters in or near Albert, Kansas KS.

Animal Shelter

Animal Shelter is located approximately 72 miles from Albert. We recommend their services. If you need more information, call them: (620) 225-1567.
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Humane Society Inc

Humane Society Inc is located approximately 13 miles from Albert. Looking for a good Animal Shelter? Check out Humane Society Inc at 151 S US Hwy 281. Call them at (620) 792-4297.
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Humane Society-High Plains

Humane Society-High Plains is located approximately 33 miles from Albert. They are a nice Animal Shelter. You can reach them at (785) 625-5252.
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Kansas Humane Society

Kansas Humane Society is located approximately 110 miles from Albert. If you need a good Animal Shelter near Albert, contact Kansas Humane Society. Need to give Kansas Humane Society a call? (316) 524-9196.
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Wichita Animal Shelter

Wichita Animal Shelter is located approximately 105 miles from Albert. They're one of the best on the market. Need to give Wichita Animal Shelter a call? (316) 350-3366.
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