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Info about Animal Shelters in Alvord, Iowa, IA

There are 4 Animal Shelters in or near Alvord, Iowa IA.

Humane Society Adoption Ctr

Humane Society Adoption Ctr is located approximately 25 miles from Alvord. Looking for a good Animal Shelter? Check out Humane Society Adoption Ctr at 3720 E Benson Rd. Phone number: (605) 338-4441.
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Humane Society Of Martin Cty

Humane Society Of Martin Cty is located approximately 95 miles from Alvord. They're a really good Animal Shelter. If you need more information, call them: (507) 238-1885.
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Ruff House

Ruff House is located approximately 132 miles from Alvord. A decent Animal Shelter, they're located at 1780 E 23rd St. Their phone number is (402) 620-4202.
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Second Chance Rescue

Second Chance Rescue is located approximately 31 miles from Alvord. A friendly Animal Shelter. Call them at (605) 362-1722.
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