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Info about Animal Shelters in Amenia, North Dakota, ND

There are 4 Animal Shelters in or near Amenia, North Dakota ND.

Cats Cradle Shelter Inc

Cats Cradle Shelter Inc is located approximately 24 miles from Amenia. Their exact address is: 9 9th St S. Call them at (701) 356-7877.
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Humane Society Animal Shelter

Humane Society Animal Shelter is located approximately 60 miles from Amenia. A decent Animal Shelter, they're located at 720 E Robert St. You can reach them at (218) 281-7225.
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Jazzy & Mumbo's Animal Aid

Jazzy & Mumbo's Animal Aid is located approximately 19 miles from Amenia. They're a decent Animal Shelter in Amenia. Contact them at (701) 282-3931.
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Steven's Community Humane Scty

Steven's Community Humane Scty is located approximately 117 miles from Amenia. Steven's Community Humane Scty is very popular place in this area. Need to give Steven's Community Humane Scty a call? (320) 589-0378.
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