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Info about Animal Shelters in Astoria, South Dakota, SD

There are 5 Animal Shelters in or near Astoria, South Dakota SD.

Dick's Nuisance Animal Control

Dick's Nuisance Animal Control is located approximately 86 miles from Astoria. Regarded as one of the best Animal Shelters in Astoria area, Dick's Nuisance Animal Control is located at 511 60th Ave NE. Their phone number is (320) 235-1055.
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Humane Society Adoption Ctr

Humane Society Adoption Ctr is located approximately 69 miles from Astoria. Looking for a good Animal Shelter? Check out Humane Society Adoption Ctr at 3720 E Benson Rd. Phone number: (605) 338-4441.
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Lakes Area Humane Society

Lakes Area Humane Society is located approximately 105 miles from Astoria. They're a decent Animal Shelter in Astoria. Their current phone number is (320) 759-2260.
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Second Chance Rescue

Second Chance Rescue is located approximately 74 miles from Astoria. A friendly Animal Shelter. Call them at (605) 362-1722.
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Steven's Community Humane Scty

Steven's Community Humane Scty is located approximately 78 miles from Astoria. Steven's Community Humane Scty is very popular place in this area. Need to give Steven's Community Humane Scty a call? (320) 589-0378.
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